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Surrealist photographer (1916-1974)

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Technical data


I use now an EOS 5D S full frame camera delivering 50 megapixels images.

Art works photography 

For artworks photography, using controlled light and color patches guarantees the best colors reproduction in further applications like printing or edition.


Most of the commercial photographs on this site were realized with the Sinar 4x5" camera, most generally with Kodak Ektachrome film.

The 4x5 inches size of film allows a remarkable richness of details. Moreover, using this camera allows modifications of the image perspective lines if necessary, in architecture photography for instance. I can still use it if required.



Each order is beforehand quoted according to the number, technical characteristics and difficulties of the photographs asked.


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Technical data


Duesberg Museum, Mons
  Jacques Du Broeucq
1505 - 1584